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Our History

says it all

Over many years we have performed thousands of times, trained hundreds of horses and taught even more riders.

Our photos trace our history, demonstate our versatility and prove without question our vast experience.

Having ridden, trained and performed for many years, Peter has a wealth of experience and classical knowledge which he brings into all aspects of his equestrian training.

Peter is happy helping the classical and dressage competition rider as well as performers and display riders in the ever increasing world of historical reconstruction.

"The emphasis on Peter’s teaching is on the training of both horse and rider.

A true and unique horseman, able to crossover from trainer to performer.

This is based on many years experience and a balance of beliefs and principals that has put Peter amongst "the world's top trainers in his field", as quoted by author"

— Penny Hillsden


Here at Covert Farm we run dressage courses throughout the year.

With the benefit of an indoor school and outdoor riding, we offer a great opportunity to learn.

Whether you are a serious dressage competitor wishing to learn a more classical approach or a novice rider wishing to follow a more classical journey, these courses can dramatically change the way you ride.

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Single lessons are based on one to one sessions of forty minutes. For many clients this can be on a weekly or monthly basis giving consistency of training.

As an experienced rider and trainer of many horses and riders, Peter's vast experience gives him the ability to understand a problem, and find a solution.

*We can now offer various on line coaching options through zoom.

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Peter has held regular clinics throughout the UK and has taught internationally in America, Spain, Germany and Dubai.

Peter's philosophy and personality, combined with a sound depth of knowledge and riding ability makes him one of the few people who successfully crosses over from performer to trainer in all aspects of dressage as well as:

Doma Vaquera and Garrocha, High School and Work in Hand.

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