Welcome to Club Caballo

Learn through history, the way to ride today

What Club Caballo

does for you.

Through our shows, our teaching and our training, we promote classical dressage in a way that is exciting and educational.

Club Caballo offers learning on line and more.

This is a membership club founded by Peter Maddison-Greenwell and Danielle Lawniczak, directors and co-founders of El Caballo de España.

We have created a group for people with a genuine interest in classical dressage, not just as a pure art but as a practical journey to produce confident, competent riders of all levels and well trained horses of every type.

As a group with a passion for dressage and love for horses, we wish to help you with the best of training, with kindness and good welfare at its very roots.

We release a video on a monthly basis followed days later by a ZOOM teach-in with Peter, discussing the videos and inviting you to join in with questions.

Also join us on our Facebook page Club Caballo for regular posts and opportunities to find others with the same interest.

Club Caballo

£10 per month


Monthly Educational Videos

Monthly ZOOM teach-in