Club Caballo

A new equestrian club presented by

Peter Maddison-Greenwell of El Caballo de España

hosted by PATREON


El Caballo de España was founded in 1988 by international dressage trainer Peter Maddison-Greenwell and partner Danielle Lawniczak.

They shared such a passion for the history of the horse and horsemanship they devoted the last thirty-two years to it.

In over three thousand performances, they have passed on the fascinating history, traditions and cultures that has brought about "classical dressage".

CLUB CABALLO is here to celebrate, educate and encapsulate all that is true to the Art of Classical Riding.

Humility, integrity, dedication and a quiet determination are the cornerstones of Peter's training and teaching. Club Caballo reflects this in every way.

It is straightforward, inclusive and suitable for all. Whatever level you are at, you will learn, be inspired and grow.

There are three tiers to choose from, with a simple monthly fee:

BRONZE (£10 + VAT) offers you a monthly training video and ZOOM "teach-in. A systematic, practical and educational video of every movement from shoulder-in through the Piaffes, Passages, Pirouettes and beyond.

There will also be a bonus short video covering subjects such as work in hand, riding one-handed, the garrocha, using a curb, and many other fascinating subjects.

In addition to this, there are regular posts including archive and other videos, articles, and topics of interest.

SILVER (£15 + VAT) offers all this plus discounts on both:

One to one lessons at the facility of Peter and Danielle or one of the clinics.

Distance learning with live video training or video assessments with face to face help via ZOOM.

The discounts can more than cover the small extra fee and give great savings to those regulars users.

GOLD (£20 + VAT) Offers everything Bronze and Silver gives plus that special something extra. A great opportunity to spend an informal few hours once a year, watching 'at home' training, meet the horses and have a chat over a cuppa. (Bring a non-member friend for £120).

*All discounts are subject to a minimum of six months of membership.

CLICK to find out more and join: Club Caballo

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